rayvaillancourt (rayvaillancourt) wrote,

Here's Your Sign

We responded for an "unconscious person" in the high-rise projects.

We found a 26-year old woman in the bathroom, soaking wet and shivering. The family had found her "unconscious" in her bed during the night.

We asked if she was shaking while she was unconscious, trying to determine if she might have had a seizure.

"Yes, she was swinging her arms and kicking," said a male family member.

Just her arms and legs were moving?

"And she was yelling."


"She kept yelling, 'No!'"

And this was while she was unconscious?


On the bed?

"This was while we were taking her into the bathroom to put her in the cold water. My mother told me to put her in cold water to revive her."

How did you know she was unconscious?

"Her eyes were closed and she wasn't moving."

In bed, at night?


The woman's story-- "I was asleep and they dragged me into the water!" No medical history and no medical complaints.

Apparently, these people had never seen a sleeping person before. But their treatment for that condition was very effective.
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